Connecticut Publishes Draft Rules for Managing Electronic Waste

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) published draft rules for the state’s electronic waste (E-Waste) program. The rules apply to disposition of computers, computer monitors, printers and TVs. See, Public Act No. 07-189 (2007)

Basic Requirements

According to the DEP’s proposed rules, manufacturers will be required to participate in the stewardship plan in accordance with their market share, which will be used to establish stewardship fees. Payments to recycle covered devices will be made by manufacturers directly to approved electronic recyclers in accordance with their market shares.

A manufacturer will be required to register with the state and pay an initial $5,000 registration fee. An annual “renewal fee” is also proposed based on a manufacturers market share (but not less than $250).

Other Options For Manufacturers

A manufacturer has the option of participating in its own “private program.” It must provide the DEP with a description of the program for approval. A manufacturer can also enter into a “cooperative agreement” with a recycler to return collected devices to the manufacturer for recycling.

The DEP’s 68 proposed rules are available by clicking here.

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